About Us

Penclusive is an online marketplace for students and new professionals to upskill themselves by finding experienced mentors to guide them personally and professionally.

Our Story

Penclusive is the brainchild of three passionate individuals, who wanted to create a service platform that would benefit students in their learning. What started as a casual conversation about how learning can be made more accessible, paved the way to the genesis of this platform.

After a couple of iterations and repeated trial and error, we decided to focus our efforts on helping higher education students and new professionals become more workforce- ready by bridging the skills gap that exists between what they learn at universities, and what they are expected to know when they start work.

This is our MVP, and we're really excited about working with you to grow this platform to its fullest potential.


To bridge the skills gap people face in their chosen careers so that they will be workforce-ready.


Make lifelong learning accessible from anywhere to everywhere.