How do I set up and define my service packages?

In order to set up your packages, you will need to:

1. Click on the 'Preferences' tab on the left. 

2. Select a relevant category and sub-category from the drop-down lists and click on 'Add Skill'

3. Add your package details based on the parameters provided in the following example:


*Please note that the above pricing is just an example. You may determine your charges based on the time you're investing into the Basic, Standard, and Advanced tiers of each package.

4. Parameters to consider when defining each tier within every package:
- No. of audio/video calls
- Duration of each audio/video call
- Accessibility via chat on platform (E.g. once a day, unlimited chat access etc.)
- Response time to messages etc.
- No. of physical meetings (if within the same geographical area)
- Total duration of time you're willing to allocate for this tier
- Any experiential learning opportunities that you might offer

*You can vary the duration of each parameter to distinguish your charges from one tier to the next.
**Please note that you will also be able to customize your packages to suit your mentee's needs after you have the initial chat with them.
***You may add on other parameters that would allow you to set your services apart.